Lowongan Pekerjaan PT Koltiva

Lowongan Pekerjaan PT Koltiva – Koltiva AG adalah perusahaan teknologi pertanian terintegrasi yang menyediakan solusi dan layanan perangkat lunak yang dibuat khusus untuk proses bisnis ujung ke ujung. Didirikan pada tahun 2013 di Indonesia, dan didirikan pada tahun 2017 di Swiss, solusi perubahan permainan kami berhasil digunakan oleh klien kami dan pemasoknya di 28 negara.

Koltiva adalah spesialis sistem pertanian terkemuka yang diarahkan untuk membantu kelapa sawit, kakao dan coklat, kopi, karet, rumput laut, dan berbagai perusahaan sumber/pengolahan bahan alami mencapai pertumbuhan yang menguntungkan dan inklusif.

Melalui solusi dan layanan perangkat lunak ujung ke ujung yang telah terbukti, kami membantu meningkatkan efisiensi operasional, mengurangi biaya dan risiko rantai pasokan secara signifikan, meningkatkan profitabilitas produsen dan mengembangkan produksi dan perdagangan berkelanjutan dalam rantai nilai makanan dan non-makanan.

Lowongan Pekerjaan PT Koltiva

1. Mobile Developer

Who is the Koltiva Mobile Developer?

Developing a mobile application system starting from the design process&ampnbspof the application system according to specifications and requirements.

What are the key responsibilities of the Mobile Developer?


  • Support the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support)
  • Create mobile applications that run functionally
  • Identify problems found by testing or customer feedback, and fix the problem or refer the appropriate personnel for correction
  • Troubleshoot and debug to optimize performance
  • Interface design to enhance user experience
  • Ensuring new and current applications meet quality standards
  • Research and advise on the development of new mobile products, applications and protocols
  • Stay up-to-date with new technology trends


  • Have 3 years of relevant experience
  • Experience using Java, Android SDK, Android Studio IDE
  • Familiar with React Native
  • Experience using REST APIs, JSON & XML processing
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science

Jobs Details

  •  Location: Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
  •  Application Close: 13 October 2021

2. Assistant Project Manager

Who is the Koltiva Assistant Project Manager?

Koltiva is expanding to new agriculture commodities at a fast pace. We are looking for an Assistant Project Manager with experience with palm oil and rubber. The Assistant Project Manager is integral part of the project implementation team and is working closely with the Project Manager, Head of R&D and Agronomy, and the regional Project Coordinators/Field Agents, and Customer & User Support team. The Assistant Project Manager&rsquos goal is to enhance coordination across Koltiva Departments for improved communication, documentation, and collaboration in the Project Implementation Unit, specifically in the PalmOilTrace and RubberTrace product line. The Assistant Project Manager should help to develop manuals and SOPs, provide capacity building for Koltiva&rsquos field staff or clients and partners staff, analyse agriculture-related data quality and improve data insights.

Duty Station

The position is based in Jakarta with project monitoring visits to Sulawesi, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and other Koltiva working areas as needed. Field and business trips may represent 20% of the time allocated.

Time Allocation

CategorySummaryTime Allocation
Project ManagementSupport the project manager in the day-to-day management of project activities, including monitoring and coordination of field activities and collaboration with client and internal Product Development team.40%
Capacity BuildingImprove the capacity of the project implementation team in how they deliver agronomy training and coaching activities.10%
Field VisitsConduct monitoring and evaluation visits to project implementation areas.10%
AnalyticsAnalyze agronomy data and evaluate data quality and data collection and review processes.20%
App supportHelp to test and review new apps with a focus on agronomy data calculations, question rules and parameters.10%

What are the key responsibilities of the Assistant Project Manager?

The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for supporting the project manager in his day-to-day activities. Specific responsibilities in this role include:

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Project Management:

  • Work collaboratively with the project manager and team to maximize productivity
  • Coordinate a team of field agents to ensure effective field operation in terms of planning, scheduling, payment, and procurement
  • Coordinate with Admin, HR and Procurement units to plan, execute and ensure adequate support for field implementation team
  • Work closely with the implementation support team to plan, develop, maintain and deliver staff/partner requests on data, trainings, improving capacities in monitoring and evaluation and data management: data collection, entry, verification and analysis and other identified needs
  • Support project manager and project coordinators to verify, analyze and report field progress data and traceability data
  • Coordinate client-specific progress report updates, including being responsible for the quality of weekly updates and progress tracking
  • Organize and monitor schedules and see that deadlines are met
  • Monitor budget and help ensure resources are used efficiently
  • Write reports documenting work carried out in the field
  • Participate in reviewing and updating policies and procedures for Koltiva implementation team
  • Professionally represent Koltiva as required in meetings or other relevant events.

Field Visits and Capacity Building:

  • Conduct field visits to monitor and evaluate the capacity of Koltiva&rsquos program staff to implement internal audits and farmer training activities.
  • Coordinate with the Implementation Unit to review existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for sustainability program implementation.
  • Deliver training to program implementation staff related to proper data collection and evaluation practices and improve data collection processes.


  • Analyze agronomy and supplier data to help make data-driven decisions and identify actionable insights in relation to agricultural practices and sustainability approaches.
  • Evaluate existing agronomy data and coordinate with the Data Support and Implementation Teams with data quality improvement and data corrections.
  • Help to identify where improvements are needed in the data review process.

App Support:

  • Help to test and review new apps with a focus on agronomy data calculations, question rules and parameters.
  • Coordinate with the Development and QA teams on app improvement and required clarification.

Personal Qualification

  • Master or bachelor&rsquos degree in marine science, aquaculture, agriculture, or other related majors
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a relevant field
  • Proficiency in English and Indonesian language (both written and spoken)
  • Experience with oil palm and/or rubber sector
  • Knowledge of other Indonesian cash crops (cocoa, coffee, seaweed, sugar cane, and/or coconut)
  • Experience with certification standards (ISPO, RSPO, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, Organic etc.)
  • Proficient user of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Knowledge of basic data analysis
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Analytical mind and strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work both independently and as a part of a team
  • Willingness and capability to learn new skills
  • Willingness to work in Jakarta and travel to all regions in Indonesia.

Jobs Details

  •  Location: Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
  •  Application Close: 16 October 2021

3. Backend Developer

Who is the Koltiva Backend Developer?

Software engineering takes the central roles for building Koltiva products and systems. You will be responsible for designing, building, improving, or maintaining our web applications, third-party data integration, data API, backend systems, or working with monitoring tools and infrastructure. You will work in cross-functional teams and everyone is encouraged to speak their mind, propose ideas, influence others, and continuously grow themselves.

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What are the key responsibilities of the Backend Developer?


  • Define software architecture, collaborate with cross functional teams to understand the requirements.
  • Identify areas of complexity and bottlenecks in implementation.
  • Scope out the deliverables, divide the task and assign timelines.
  • Understand, collaborate and distribute knowledge to others, show high level of ethics and team-work
  • Work with front-end developers to integrate their web or mobile code.
  • Create scalable and high-performance backend API’s
  • Take the initiative to learn new technologies and sharing knowledge with team-mates to improve the practice.


  • Bachelor&rsquos degree or Diploma 3 in Majoring Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Passion in software engineering, application development, or systems development
  • Excellent understanding of software engineering concepts, design patterns, and algorithms.
  • Minimum 2 years experience with Java or PHP (Laravel or Codeigniter)
  • Minimum 2 years experience using Javascript Framework such as React JS, Ext JS or Node JS.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience using databases (Mysql, PostgreSQL, SQL Server or others) with experience using stored procedures.
  • Understanding of systems using real time interactions (websockets, long-polling, server sent events) or messaging system is a plus.
  • Wiling to learn new technologies.

Jobs Details

  •  Location: Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
  • Application Close: 18 October 2021

4. Procurement & Administration Officer

Qualifications :

  • Minimum Pendidikan D3 Manajemen/Ekonomi atau jurusan yang relevan dengan bidang procurement dan administrasi.
  • Berpengalaman di bidangnya minimal 3 tahun.
  • Berpengalaman bekerja di perusahaan IT developer.
  • Mahir menggunakan MS Office.
  • Memiliki Pengalaman Pembelian modern market.
  • Berpengalaman melakukan stock take asset.
  • Memiliki skill negosiasi.
  • Mampu berbahasa Inggris minimal pasif.
  • Komunikatif, Jujur, teliti, disiplin dan pekerja keras.
  • Mampu bekerja secara team.
  • Bersikap proaktif.
  • Terbiasa dengan deadline.

Who is the Koltiva Procurement & Administration Officer?

Procurement & Administration Officer merupakan posisi yang bertanggungjawab untuk mencari dan menganalisa calon supplier yang sesuai dengan material yang dibutuhkan. Melakukan koordinasi dengan pihak supplier mengenai kelengkapan dokumen pendukung material sesuai standar mutu yang berlaku. Melakukan pengelolaan pengadaan barang melalui perencanaan secara sistematis dan terkontrol ( FIFO atau ERP/ MRP ). Melakukan pemilihan / seleksi rekanan pengadaan sesuai kriteria perusahaan. Bekerjasama dengan departemen terkait untuk memastikan kelancaran operasional perusahaan. Memastikan kesedian barang/material melalui mekanisme audit / control stock dll. Mengontrol dan mneyimpan barang inventaris kantor dan stok dengan baik. Memeriksa Bill of Expensse beserta lampirannya dari staf lapangan dan mengkomunikasikan dengan staf yang mengajukan apabila ada hal yang harus dikoreksi dan divalidasi

What are the key responsibilities of the Procurement & Administration Officer?

Task, Authority and Responsibility Authority (Kewenangan)

  • Menggunakan semua sarana dan prasarana yang ada secara efektif dan efisien untuk kelancaran kegiatan operasional kantor.

Task and Responsbility (Tugas dan Tanggung jawab)

  • Procurement Purchasing, Expediting, Traffic.
  • Melaksanakan review rutin terhadap keperluan pengadaan atas asset dan fasilitas perusahaan setiap bulan.
  • Melakukan koordinasi dengan Procurement/Logistics Office Jakarta terkait pengajuan pembelian (Purchase Request).
  • Memonitor dan memastikan ketersediaan kebutuhan & kebutuhan kantor seperti Toner Printer dan ATK perusahaan.
  • Mencari supplier sesuai dengan pengajuan pembelian (Purchase Request) dari user.
  • Memastikan ketersediaan item kepada supplier dan mengajukan penawaran harga (quotation).
  • Membuat grafik (matrix) perbandingan harga terhadap quotation yang sudah diberikan oleh supplier.
  • Koordinasi dengan Admin, Finance dan divisi terkait lainnya mengenai seluruh aktifitas pembelian dan pengiriman barang.
  • Membuat PO (Purchase Order)
  • Membuat laporan realisasi pembelian barang setiap proses pengadaan selesai dilaksanakan.
  • Bertanggung jawab terhadap Asset perusahaan mulai dari pembelian, distribusi hingga update data atau list status Asset perusahaan.
  • Melakukan Stock Take asset secara berkala.
  • Membuat laporan Asset setiap bulan.
  • Bersedia melakukan pembelian langsung kelapangan jika diperlukan.
  • Memaksimalkan pengadaan barang secara efektif dan efisien.
  • Dapat membina hubungan baik dengan supplier lama dan baru.
  • Melakukan evaluasi terhadap kinerja Supplier.
  • Memeriksa Bill of Expense dan berkoordinasi dengan staf terkait apabila ada hal yang harus diperbaiki.
  • Mengirimkan Bill of Expense yang sudah selesai diperiksa ke Finance Jakarta.

Jobs Details

  •  Location: Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan
  •  Application Close: 30 October 2021

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